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Sky Garden


Formally known as the Meritt Elipsis, which suffered from years of varying difficulties, troubles and uncertainties, the project, renamed SKY GARDEN, was reborn from its ashes when BCEG, one of China’s biggest and most renowned building company, reinvested heavily to revive the decrepit structures.

CZAM designed the right package of services which exceeded the expectations of BCEG. The whole marketing strategy was based upon communicating the essentially intrinsic values associated with the new project, the SKY GARDEN, to the targeted market segments. Our knowledgeable and efficient staff devised a brand identity development strategy with variations around themes of sky, dream, breathtaking landscapes and peace of mind. We offered our suggestions and creative ideas to plan, build, and maintain every aspect of BCEG philosophy and vision, from running the marketing campaigns and print ads, to designing SKY GARDEN’s website, search engine optimization (seo) and social media management.

Billboard, Logo, Magazine, Website